Know World’s Police Robots that Detect Bombs, Control Riots & Rescue People

The use of a bomb disposal robot to kill the Gunman in last month’s traffic police shootings in Dallas, Texas, immediately captured the world’s attention – it is thought to be the first search use of a robot. Evoking images of law enforcement bots a la the film CHAPPiE, it seems a good time to examine how authorities and governments around the world are using the technology for police operations, security and law enforcement.

1. Griffin

Ohio state police (united states)

Purpose: Bomb detection, surveillance


12-inch-tall, six wheeled rover designed to explore tight spaces – under a car, behind a dumpster, etc.-to search for explosives Equipped with a camera and remotely controlled  It was built with 3D — printed. by students at local community college in cleveland.

2. Skunk Drones

Uttar pradesh police force (India)

Purpose : Riot control / dispersal, surveillance



They can shower unruly crowds with pepper spray or fire up to 20 paintbal per second, and at the same time disperse tear gas pellets. It carries onboard speakers,  bright strobe lights and and “eye safe” lasers to disorient and disperse protesters.

3. Prison Robo-Guards

Pohang correctional facility (South Korea)

Purpose: Prison security, patrol and monitoring


5-foot-tall machine programmed to self-patrol hallways of prison blocks, or directed by human controller. Uses pattern recognition algorithms to recognize out-of the-ordinary or harmful behaviors from prisoners, then alerts human guards.

4. Dogo

Israeli police counter terrorism unit (Israel)

Purpose: Counter Terrorism, enemy engagement


Israeli-made rover packs a 9mm Glock pistol that can fire up to five round in two second. It carries it cameras,  two-way radio and is able to  quietly enter a house. Climb stairs and maneuver over obstacles, For non-lethal operational, it can use pepper spray or intense light to dazzle targets.

5. Bat Cat

Los Angeles police department ( United State)

Purpose: Bomb detection/disposal


short for  Bomb Assault tactical control assessment tool, It’s a modified, remote control  Forklift   that can easily rip  through a house if required. It’s extended arm can be fitted with a claw, bucket or battering ram and can lift 12,000 lbs.- such as a car packed with explosives.

6. Meta

Japanese Police Force( Japan)

purpose – anti drone


drone designed to catch  it’s kind- suspicious  unmanned  aircraft  that stray over sensitive Government sites.  its weapon? A 6.5-foot by 10 foot net. It was deployed by police in response to a drone by anti-nuclear activists which landed on the roof of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s house.

7. PackBots

Brazilian Police Force ( Brazil)

Purpose: Bomb detection/disposal reconnaissance.


Model 510  PackBots were used at the fukushima meltdown in Japan and deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan . The 65 pound military grade robot with a 6 Foot that can lift 30 LBS. Will help police secure the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

8. Traffic Robocops

Kinshasa City Local Government (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Purpose: Directing/Monitoring Traffic


In efforts to deter dangerous driving and get people to follow traffic rules in the country’s capital, massive humanoid robots were installed at busy intersections to direct and monitor traffic. They function as all in one traffic light/crosswalk/Traffic Camera, can send footage back to police and look like something out of a 1980 Japanese anime film.

9. Tactical Throw Robot

Polish police force (Poland)

Purpose: Reconnaissance/Surveillance


Ultra durable robot weighing less than 4 LBS, and equipped with camera, microphone, and various  illumination options. They can be  tossed into buildings  order from on high to provide police with “eyes” on unreachable location or dangerous situations.

10. Emily

Lesbos Coast Guard (Greece)

Purpose: Sea Rescue


Acronym for Emergency integrated Lifesaving Lanyard,it is a flotation device that cruises at 20 mph and is tethered to a 2,000 ft. rope depending from a rescue ship. It is used to quickly fetch drowning refugees on ill-fated, overloaded boats crossing the Mediterranean sea.

11. MARCbot

US MIlitary (United States)

Purpose: Bomb Detection/Disposal, Reconnaissance


The Multi function Agile Remote Controlled Robot was a “low-cost” bomb disposal robot designed with the input of soldiers and mean to accompany them on patrols. The robot was deployed in Iraq and was the first robot to draw blood during-jury-rigged with Claymore anti personnel mines.


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