World’s Most Weird & Amazing Jobs

1. Girlfriends & Boyfriends for Rent

Loneliness may be sometimes like a poison, and if you are suffering through lack of affection in your life, human touch may prove to be a great healing therapy for you.

Good news is that the modern world has brought a solution for your kind of lonely people just if you have enough money in your wallet.

For a charge of $150 per hour, you may get a female or a male counterpart who will hug you, touch you, holding you, kiss you, embrace you, rub you, and express love to you by all the means of physical touch except s**. You can also get this service for lifetime. These companies provide a safe environment for their clients.

2. Champaign Facial Specialist

Handsome guys pouring Champaign on the face or wherever parts the girls want, this kind of sacred job is though not very common, but gaining popularity in the highly modern parts of the world.

For the viewers it is also visually arousal, and there is everything sexy about this job. This is one of those jobs in the world in which it is sure that both the servant and the client will enjoy equally as the workers and mostly guys and the clients are mostly girls. Perfect chemistry!

Well, the men are paid quite enough for playing with costly Champaign and spendthrift girls.

3. Professional Bride Maids

This is for the women’s interest. If you are a good looking women and you know the art of posing to the camera, especially for that of the wedding photographer, then you may get hired for this job and get a big some of around $1000 per day.

All you have to do is to guide the bride to pose like you and copy your Gestures.

4. Professional line stander

Those who can’t do anything in life can still earn $5000 in a month! Don’t get shocked.

If you don’t get bored of standing in lines, you are probably made for this job. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this job profile as this can earn you over $1000 per week!

This job trend is being observed in the European countries where time is equivalent to money.

You may find these kinds of workers around when you are in a line to buy an Apple SmartPhone or at the ticket counters of a football match.

5. Condom Tester

The ‘Durex’ condom company of Australia introduces over two hundred vacancies at a time for the designation of expert condom testers.

The employees are given about $50 for testing and providing their expert feed backs on each of the tested pieces.

6. Chocolate – Ice Cream Tester

You, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your pops, your mom, and your closest to the closest and your distant to distant friends and relatives, tell who says they don’t like ice-creams.

But if you have a special fantasy towards ice-creams that you want them on regular basis and you have talent of identifying and expressing the taste, you don’t need to go to college if you are studying for money.

Ice-cream testers earn up to $5000 per month. Well for that money, even those who said they don’t like ice-creams will now start to love them after knowing this.

7. Professional Sleeper

If you get paid for sleeping, there can be no other job better than this. Believe it or not, but NASA pays professional sleepers about $60,000 for sleep at their sleep research center for one year.

8. Mermaids

Who won’t like to become a mermaid, and it’s when you will be paid for that?

In many countries, professional training is provided for this job, where you are trained to swim with fins.

Professional mermaids are hired for parties and events.

9. Wine & Bear Tester

You might have to temporarily move to a wine country for this job. One California blogger lived rent free, drank wine and got paid 10 grand a month.

Many breweries hire technologists to check the quality of their beer. Others want to hire tasters to help in the development of new brews. To be good at this job, you need to really appreciate and distinguish between the variety of flavors in different beers. So if you know anyone who likes science and drinking, tell them you’ve found the perfect career for them.

10. Bike-Riding Photographer

Google Maps hired two men to ride around France on a special bike that takes photos of historical sites that are inaccessible by car. Sure, they might get some strange looks riding around on that contraption, but who cares. After all, they get to travel through one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and get paid for it.

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