More efficient than their land-based Counterpart, floating solar farm are sprouting up all over the world to provide clean, renewable energy. In light of the fukushima nuclear accident, Japan has turned to “green solution” for its energy needs – including the construction of innovation solar power  system. Schedule for completion in 2018, the solar power flotilla being built at japan’s yamakura dam reservoir will be the world’s largest.

Construction of the floating power plant, which is a joint venture of kyocera TCL solar corporation began in december 2015 on a reservoir in Ichihara city, southeast of Tokyo.

With a 13.7 MW capacity, and expected annual power generation of 16,170MW, the kyocera floating solar farm will provide enough electricity to power 5,000 homes yearly, its operations will offset about 8.170 tons of CO2 emission annually, while using idle bodies of inland water and preserving scarce land areas for other uses.

The kyocera plant will use 50,904 solar photovoltaic modules floating on 180,000 square meters of space (about 44.5 acres) in the reservoir.

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