Early this year, Tesla announced that the construction of its Gigafactory 1 is  ahead of schedule and will begin battery production by end of 2016. It will be the biggest lithium-ion battery factory in the world and the second biggest building by volume, next only to Boeing’s Everett plant.

We present the world’s biggest manufacturing plants that churn out cars, cruise ships, the largest commercial airplanes, giant rockets and….lace for lingerie. All have one thing in common, that of being vast, sprawling production complexes. Excluded in our list are werehouse and distribution Centers.

Here’s our ranking based on total floor space.

1. NASA Vehicle Assembly building


32,374 m²

Titusville, Florida

Built in 1966 for the Assembly of the Saturn V rocket. Largest single-story building in the world. Has four 456-foot tall doors.

2. Meyer Werft Dockhalle 2


63,000 m²

Papenburg, Germany

Owned and managed by the Meyer family for six generations. Largest shipbuilding hall used to construct cruise ships. Has the largest roofed dry dock in the world.

3. Lauma Fabric


115,645 m²

Liepaja, latvia

Built in 1965 for the production of raw materials and lace for lingerie.

One of the largest companies in the fabric industry and the largest fabric factory.

Has a length 225 meters and a width of 505 meters.

4. Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant.


112,500 m²

Toulouse-Blagnac, France

Final assembly line for the production of the 800-seater Airbus A380

Consists of one hall 250 m long, 115 m wide, 46 m high and six halls 100 m long , 100 m wide.

Entire 200-hectare facility includes runway, company restaurants, fluid and energy production plants.

5. Mitsubishi Motor North America


220,000 m²

Normal, Illinois

Set up in 1981 to oversee Mitsubishi Motors manufacturing, production, sales and R&D in North America.

Vehicles produced are delivered to network of 700 car dealers.

Ended production late 2015 because of declining sales and shift of company focus to Asian markets.

6. Belvidere Assembly Plant


330,000 m²

Belvidere, Illinois

Chrysler car factory that assembles brands such as the Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot and Dodge Dart.

Constructed in 1965 and has already produced 5.9 million cars by the end of the 1993 model.

Become the first Chrysler plant to use complete robotic body shop, and now has 780 robots.

7. Boeing Factory


398,000 m²

Everett, Washington

Assembly building for Boeing’s 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner.

Largest building in the world by volume at 472,370,319 cu ft.

Constructed in 1966 after Pen American Airway placed an order for 25,747s value at $525 million.

8. Tesla Factory



Fremont, California

Principal production facility of Tesla Motors for it’s electric cars.

Uses over 160 specialist robots, including 10 of the largest robots in the world.

Production output averaged 1,000 per week in 2015 mostly for pre-orders.

9. Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan Factory



Ulsan,  South Korea

Hyundai Motor’s main production facility.

Employs over 34,000 personnel that produce around 5,600 vehicles a day.

Has it’s own port, fire station and Hospital.

10. Volkswagen Wolfsburg plant



Wolfsburg, Germany

Biggest car plant in the world and site of Volkswagen AG’s headquarters.

Has the largest state of the art European paint shop and first to use eco-friendly water-based paint.

Floor workers use bicycles to make their way around.

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