11 Amazing Technologies that’ll Shape our Future Lifestyle

In the coming 20 years, technology is going to take a few remarkable leaps. A few of the upcoming technologies that will make the greatest impact on the lifestyle of common people have been listed in this post.

1. Screen-less Display

The emerging technology of Virtual retinal display systems or screen-less displays will transform the way displays are used. The screen-less display will make the most important impact on the computer technology. It will enable us to operate a whole computer system through a virtual display.


2. Drone Culture

Quadcopters, drones, UAVs will have a major impact on our lifestyle in the near future. Drones will be carrying out agriculture, security, defence, engineering, tranportat, delivery, and many more. Drones will make things faster and amazing, whether it be pizza delivery, video recording, or about obtaining data for navigation.


3. Driverless Cars/Self Driving Vehicles

Vehicle names like driver-less cars, robot cars, self driving vehicles, autonomous vehicles will be in common use. Critics don’t withstand the acceptability of such automotive vehicles in near future, but with companies such as Volvo showing interest in the field give hope of such vehicle coming into reality very soon.

Although, the challenges before taking self-driving vehicles to road are big. They have to be programmed to studiously obey speed limits and sense above or equal to humans so that collisions can be avoided.


4. Viagra for Women

The abnormality of sex-life such as lack of sexual desire is a big problem to women health. Flibanserin is a kind of drug arrived to treat the absence of sexual desire in women. This mood booster for women will impact the life of the many ageing couples who had a loosing interest in their relation due to a woman’s lack of interest.

Creating desire to meet satisfaction!


5. Space Balloon

Space is going to become as accessible as airlines, however costly. Balloons won’t actually reach the space but as near to space from where you can experience its complete darkness. Space tourism is developing and there are companies like Zero2nfinity that will take you to to space for $75,000. A Spanish company has plans to launch passengers to near space using balloons known as “Bloons” for €110,000 ($124,000) a time. Those balloons will be as large as football ground.


6. Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are no long time a distant dream. Scientists are significantly closer to unlocking the new era of computer technology. Very soon incredible volumes of calculations with incredible speed will be carried out with modern quantum computer machines. Google’s engineers have already produced the first completely scalable quantum simulation of a hydrogen molecule, which means achieving a milestone in quantum computing.


7. Hyperloop Transportation

Capsule transporters and trains at rocketing speed of over 700 miles an hour is the way of the future. Soon the distance of Las Angeles to San Fransisco which used to be of 5 and half hours would shrink to 30 minutes. This Mass Transit Project is both viable and valuable, and therefore the trains moving at the speed of sound, giving you a hyper-loop experience is going to be a big thing in the field of transportation in the coming time.


8. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or thinking machines which also had been a movie subject is a nearby phenomenon to be presented by scientists very soon. Intelligent machines that can perceive environment and take actions backed by sense and emotion is going to a reality. So you are gonna have robot friends, robot enemies, and everything robotic except parents!

One point of great relief is the hope of sensitive doctors finally. Hopefully robot doctors will at least us like humans!


9. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a revolutionary virtual reality headset that radically redefines digital entertainment and communication. Oculus Rift allows you to hang out with you friends in virtual reality, immerse yourself in video games and movies, travel space, time, and many amazing things. The power Oculus will make it possible to experience anything, anywhere.


10. Crash Proof Vehicles

Soon there will be vehicles with features such as radar powered Adaptive Cruise Control to detect nearby vehicles, cameras detecting lane lines and road edges and monitoring car steers to stay in lane, Radar, cameras and other sensors detecting obstacles ahead and informing the driver.

Several car companies including Volvo have plans to introduce such automated crash proof vehicles into the market by 2020.

Vehicles that will also have night vision functionality would detect pedestrians and considerably large animals on roads, and apply brakes automatically.


11. Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are high performing computer devices that are impressive than ever. Soon the ultrabooks may be available for under $1000. Lightweight, Less thick, flash-based hard drives, are the properties shaping this new generation computer machine which is supposed to startup and load several times more quickly.

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