Here’s the Car Tech Forecast for the next 10 years…

Cars 2017


Tech features reserved for high-end car a decade ago will become standard  equipment – i.e. Bluetooth, GPS, parking sensors.

Connectivity will make cars Wi-Fi hotspot: apps on smartphone will be available on the dashboard display.

Cars will become true mobile devices.

Cars 2018


Autonomous feature will be part of automotive function.

Feature such as lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and self-braking system will be labeled drive-assist tech. These technology will enable cars to operate semi-independently (level 3 capability).

Cars 2021


First production self-driving vehicles will be out on the market, with 10 million of these level 4 cars on the road by year’s end.

Behicle-to- vehicle communication will be standard, and inter-vehicle  networking will allow cars to sense and see one another.

Built-in Internet connection will be ubiquitous cloud-based music, video and data will be available through voice command.

Cars 2026


Fully automatic self-driving cars will be sophisticated enough for regular use.

Legalities regulation and moral issues relating to self-driving Cars will be sorted by this time.