25 Top Earning YouTube Stars & Channels 2016 – Earning, Subscribers, Viewers

1. PewDiePie


Felix Arvid Ulfkjellberg is the tricky name of the owner of the channel Pewdiepie. He is a 26 year old Swedish YouTuber who has 48,667,940 Subscribers and 13,594,478,790 total views on his channel on Oct 2016.

His YouTube genre is comedy based videos. He started his channel in 2010. It is the most viewed channel since 2014 when it surpassed the Rihanna’s Vevo account to become the most views channel on YouTube. As of October 2016 his channel had received over 13.5 billion views.

Net Worth: His net worth in 2016 is estimated to be $50m (after paying 50% tax) and he grabs a whooping some of around 1 million per month from his YouTube channel alone.

2. Justin Beiber Vevo

Justing Beiber Vevo is the second most viewed YouTube channel in the world with 24900000 subscribers and over 130000000 views.

YouTube was the platform that brought the first success for Beiber. His song ‘Never Let You Go’ which came in 2010 was a marvelous hit, and was viewed by about 20 million of audience.

This channel was started in 2010 and its income from YouTube is about $20m per year.

3. Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review

With 8.3 Million subscribers, and a total of 1.2 Billion views so far.

Its monthly income is 8.5 million per year. According to a video analysis platform called Open Slate, it was the highest YouTube earner in 2014. It made USD5 million just by opening Disney toy packages.

This channel was started in April 2011.

4. WWE

This official channel of the World Wresting Entertainment was started in 2007.

12,949,441 people had subscribed to this channel before October 2016.

This channel has been viewed 1.15 billion times till 2016.

WWE earns USD 16 million per year from YouTube.

5. EmiMusic

It is a USA music channel opened in 2006.

It has 6.4 million subscribers and 1.15 billion views in total.

It grosses about USD 4.2 million in a year.

6. RihannaVEV

This official YouTube channel of the singing sensation Rihanna was started in 2009.

Rihanna has 2.3 million Subscribers and has received over 10.2 billion views to her channel as of 2016 end.

Rihanna grabs 9.8 million per year from YouTube alone.

7. Get Movies

GetMovies is a decent Russian YouTube channel to watch cartoons and other kinds of family programming.

Till the end of 2016 this channel acquired 8.5 million subscribers and approximately 10bn views.

Get movies was started in 2006 and earns 12.7 million in a year.

8. TaylorSwiftVEVO

It is the official music YouTube channel of the American singing star and songwriter Taylor Swift where she shares her beautifully narrated songs.

YouTube has also brought lot of appreciation from the audience for this extraordinarily talented girl.

Her channel has 20 million subscribers and has been viewed 9.8 billion times. So she is also so close to tough the 10 million mark.

This channel makes her 8.1 million annually.

9. LittleBabyBum

LittleBabyBum! Is an all children favorite educational YouTube channel that plays nursery rhyme video collections in colorful 3D animation in HD and original baby songs for all ages with lyrics.

LittleBabyBum  is subscribed by 8,202,775 people and has total 9,718,300,904 number of times. It is a channel started in 2011 and earns 23 million per year.

10. NETD Müzik

This is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels that started just in 2014. The apparent reason for its steady growth is the bulk amount of videos it has uploaded to YouTube in a little time. It has uploaded 5770 videos in a time of 2 years.

It has 4.09 million subscribers and 9.7 billion views in total.

To our surprise, this channel makes an annual income of more than USD 25 millions.

11. Маша и Медведь

Маша и Медведь is a filmy YouTube channel of Russian.

With 7,415,279 subscribers and 9,358,215,685 views, this number one Russian YouTube channel is number 11 in our list of the most viewed YouTube channels.

It generates USD12.3 million yearly. Маша и Медведь was started in 2012.

12. Spinnin’ Records

Spinnin‘ Records is world’s leading dance record label that keeps its audience up to date with latest and greatest electronic dance music.

This music channel was started in 2007 has 15,059,141 subscribers and 9,112,327,588 so far.

Spinnin’ Records generates 10.5 million per month.

13. TheEllenShow

It is an entertainment channel of Ellen Lee DeGeneres who is an American comedian.

She earns 8.2 million in a year.

She has 17,545,965 subscribers and 8,505,676,941 views.

14. KatyPerryVEVO

This glamorous girl of USA is another singing sensation in this list, and her channel is close to 20 million subscribers.

Her official channel has received 8,456,547,036 views before the end of 2016.

8.2 million USD is the amount of money her channel makes.

15. TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM

Its subscribers are 12,745,537 and the channel has so far been watched 8,381,785,829 times in total.

It’s a gaming entertainment channel that earns 9.8 million USD annually.

The channel was created in 2012 and has posted 2185 videos before the end of 2016.

16. BuzzFeedVideo

This channel has 11 million subscribers and 8.3 views.

Started in 2011, the channel makes a whooping USD 13 million.

BuzzFeed is Motion Picture’s flagship channel that comes with the tagline “Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable”.


It’s another music channel with 7.9 million subscribers and total 8,160,466,195 views.

It’s the topmost YouTube channel of Thailand.

Its estimated earning is 12.6 million dollars.

18. EminemVEVO


Eminem like personality doesn’t need introduction.

His music channel’s 64 videos brought him 19 million subscribers and 7.4 billion views.

7.1 million is the annual grossing of this channel.

19. Ryan ToysReview

Here is the a little magic for you to watch. A child starred channel is loved by audience so much that his channel is the fastest growing YouTube channel today.

It earns a bombarding 24 million USD annually which is an astounding achievement considering the fast that this channel was started just 1 and half years ago.

In this channel you see a child explaining toys and his video series have been viewed 7,338,708,883 times so far.

4,608,053 YouTube users have also subscribed the channel, and that tells us about the value of this channel to the audience.

20. Family Fun Pack

Family fun pack is another channel starred by multiple children. It is taking YouTube by storm.

It has been subscribed by over 3.8 million people and viewed 7,276,920,901 times. It also makes 24 million US dollars in a year.

The channel was started in 2002.

21. David Guetta

With about 12.5 million of subscribers and 7,218,040,821 views this music channel started in 2009 earns 7.6 million estimated.

22. Movieclips Trailers

MOVIECLIPS trailers YouTube channel is a destination for freshly launched movie trailers. Over 10 million movie lovers have subscribed to this channel, and it has been viewed over seven billion times.

Our estimates value the income of this channel for about $4.5M.

23. is a Canada-based privately held video content producer founded in June 2005 by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan.

WatchMojo is the 30th most subscribed channel on YouTube with yearly revenue estimate of $4M.

At the end of 2016, is estimated to have over 13 million subscribers and of 7 billion overall views.

24. ShakiraVEVO

This 39 year old international singing sensation has 9,668,853 subscribers and 6,943,154,517 viewers on his YouTube channel.

She is one of most widely known artists in the world. The estimated earnings of her channel is about 3 million.

25. Blu Toys Club Surprise

Blu Toys Club Surprise is the was created in the end of 2010 and after 6 years it has acquired 4.7 million subscribers and over 6.8 million views.

BTCR comes with kid-friendly videos and reviews of toys & play-sets from Disney.

Te estimated earning of BTCR channel is about 4 million per month.

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