Some of the hottest jobs today may not be here a decade or more from now, replaced by machines and algorithms. But as history has shown, the labor market creates new jobs whenever it rids of old ones. Futurists predict these new jobs to be available by 2025 and beyond. Get prepared!

1. Neuro Implant Technicians

neuro surgeon

  • Advances in neurotechnology are set to explode in the coming years, which means neuro-implant  technology will be a major career field.
  • Neuroscience specialists of all kinds will be needed-brain surgeons neuro-augmentation and implant technicians, brain backup engineers, real-time MRI scanners and interpreters, and neuro-robotic engineers.

2. Smart-Home Handyperson

  • The Internet of things industry will be a $19 trillion market just half a decade from now and will create new jobs not just for engineers, but for technically adept individuals as well.
  • There will be a huge market specifically for smart-home installers who can bring various aspects of the Internet of Things into homes.

3. Virtual Reality Experience Designer


  • As the Internet of Things invades our homes, it will involve the increasing use of virtual reality in both work and play.
  • In demand will be VR experience specialist that can design and implement virtual reality experiences in all aspects of work, leisure entertainment, business, travel, shopping and other areas.

4. Freelance Professors

  • There will be a large need for independent of freelance professors as teaching moves into the on-demand realm.
  • A decade from now, all you’ll need to start your own University is a great online teaching style, course materials, and a marketing plan.

5. Urban Farmer

  • The 21st century may see the return of local farming due to the number of people living in urban areas and the increasing awareness of the detrimental environmental impact of industrial farming.
  • Individuals and companies will spring up to teach and assist amateur farmers in the ways of urban agriculture and how to live a more eco-conscious life.

6. Terabytes

  • People will become professional data collectors-individuals who produce a terabyte or more of digital data a day would be paid to don high-Tech data-collection gear and explore neighborhoods, shopping districts, and City Centre.
  • Their sensor would record and process all visual and sensory data about their surroundings, for which big data companies may par lucrative sums to develop data streams for marketing purposes.

7. Nano-Medics


  • Most medical problems people have can be traced to a single cell or a small group of cells.
  • In high demand will be health professionals capable of working on the nano-level, both in designing diagnostics systems, remedies, and monitoring solutions.

8. 3D Printing Engineers

  • 3D painting is already being introduced into schools, and the demand for printer-produced products will skyrocket in the coming decade.
  • Robot-run 3D manufacturing plants will drive the need for competent technicians and engineers to design and maintain the next wave of this technology.

9. Elevated Tube Transport Engineers

  • The next big infrastructure project will be a human and cargo transport system designed around a network of vacuum tubes with maglev tracks.
  • Operating at less than 2% of the cost of today’s car, track, Jet, ship, and train systems, this emerging tube transport system will be a massive undertaking that demands a new generation of talented thinkers.

10. Personal Health Coach

  • A person personal health coach, or concierge of individual patients will receive and take care of the constant stream of bio-connectivity data transmitted to the health guide.
  • These health coaches will work with the patient’s traditional family doctor to help guide the patient through reports routine and complex health care decisions, activities and motivation.
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