7 Technologies Super Soldiers Will Be Using In Future Warfare

You may call it fearsome, but the advancing technology is taking the tactics of war and defence to a whole new level. Yes there are nuclear weapons, but they can’t be operational until it’s the final call, hence technology is redefining the capabilities of the soldiers so things can be tackled effectively. Let’s take a look how technology will shape the future warfare.

1. IronMan Battle Suits


Head-to-toe bulletproof motorized exoskeleton armor are complete with cooling system. power pack, sensors, computers communication and navigation equipment.

Leading Program/Proponent:

Tactical Assault Light operator suit (TALOS project), US special Operations command.

2. Virtual Reality Headsets


Head-mounted display or VR glasses will allow soldiers to explore scenarios while under enemy fire, in a realistic 360 – degree 3D environment.

Leading Program/Proponent

Oculus Rift

3. Smart Gun


Can morph from a  rifle into a shotgun into a grenade launcher, has the ability to communicate with a command base, and identify military target from civilians.

Leading Program/Proponent:

Defense Research and Development Canada

4. Self – Guided Bullets


Maneuverable bullet with real – time guidance system can change course in flight to track and accurately hit a moving or accelerating target.

Leading Program/Proponent:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

5.Liquid  Armors


“Magic Liquid” hardens on impact but remain flexible to allow soldier free movement. Provides protection from penetration by high-speed projectiles.

Leading Program/Proponent:

Moratex, Polish company producing body armor systems.

6. Smart Wetsuits

A soft exhaust worn under Associates uniform uses computer – controlled textiles and wires to provide orthopedic support and reduce strain on legs, joint, muscles and tendons.

Leading Program/Proponent:

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

7. Microdrones


Tiny drones fitted with cameras can be launched for stealth surveillance, providing the soldier with real – time view of his surroundings.

Leading Program/Proponent:

Prox Dynamics, Norway

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