9 Most Amazing Droids In the Star Wars Universe

Some of the most memorable and integral characters of the Star Wars Universe are not humans or aliens but robotics. Here is a rundown of the most notable droids from episodes IV-VI. We trust they are the ones you are looking for.

1. C3 PO

Debuted- A New Hope


A bipedal, humanoid droid designed to interact with organics, and programmed primarily for etiquette and protocol.

Fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, making it an integral member of  interstellar missions.

Assigned to the Alderaan cruiser Tantive IV by Senator Bail Organa, where he served for 19 years with R2-D2 until the events of A New Hope sent him to Tatooine.

2. R2-D2

Debuted: A New Hope


An astromech droid capable of hyperspace navigation, system monitoring and control, damage repair, and data storage.

Loaded with extensive databases of star systems and hyperspatial coordinates for starfighter models with hyperdrives.

Entrusted by Princess Leia Organa to transport a copy of the Death Star Plans to Obi-Wan on Tatooine in A New Hope.

3. Wed Tredwell Droid

Debuted: A New Hope


A clunky maintenance droid often found on outer-rim worlds such as Tatooin.

Built with expandable, tool-tipped  appendages, and photoreceptors mounted on  a large telescopic stalk.

Owned and operated by Owen Lars on his moisture farm in A New Hope.

4. RA-7 Protocol Droid

Debuted: A New Hope


A common, low-intelligence model  protocol droid with an insect like design.

Popular among Imperial officers during the reign of the galactic empire, who used them as personal servants.

Commissioned by Grand Admiral Tarkin to work abroad the Death Star in A New Hope,  earning them the nickname  ‘Death Star Droids’.

5. MSE-6 Repair Droid

Debuted: A New Hope


A small, mouse-like general purpose droid used for delivery and maintenance on large star cruisers. Designed to offer multiple capabilities and skills, but individually programmed with singular function.

Guided stormtroopers through the halls of the Death Star using encoded construction readouts in A New Hope.

6. Probe Droid

Debuted: The Empire Strikes Back


A  reconnaissance droid dispatched throughout the Galaxy to serve as the Empire’s veritable eyes and ears.

Outfitted with spider like legs are retractable antennae, and a built-in shielding and weapons system.

Tracked the whereabouts and movements of the rebellion at their hoth outpost in The Empire Strikes Back.

7. HG-88

Debuted: The Empire Strikes Back


A special series of merciless assassin droid that was often tapped for galactic bounty hunting.

Programmed with advanced targeting algorithms, making them for more accurate than the best sentient  snipers.

Hand picked by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millennium Falcon and its crew in The Empire Strikes Back.

8. 21-B Surgical Droid

Debuted: The Empire Strikes Back


A common medical droid model found in bases and space flight across the galaxy during the clone wars.

Equipped with and trained in advanced  life-saving technologies, including bacta restoration and cybernetics.

Treated Luke Skywalker on Hoth and oversaw the construction of the young jedi’s cybernetic hand in The Empire Strikes Back.

9. EV-9D9

Debuted: The Empire Strikes Back


A supervisor droid programmed to oversee and manage larger pools of droids.

Known to employ torture techniques as a means of keeping inventory in check before their assignment.

Oversaw Jabba’s personal collection, including C-3PO and R2-D2 at the Hutt’s palace in Return of the Jedi.

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