Regional Film Industries In India, or “The ‘Woods’ of India”

There are about 20 regional film industries within India. So when we talk about the Indian Film Industry, it means we are not definitely talking about Bollywood but we consider the complete filmospehere of India.

In the 100 years of the Indian Cinema there have evolved the south movie industry, the Bhojpuri, the Bengali, the Punjabi, and almost every major region has its own movie industry today.

It will be interesting to you to know the roots of the movies, the actors and the actresses that you might have been watching on television with dubbing.

All regional industries and the people and audience have their own movie culture which differentiates their world from yours. Regional movies are differently styled and reflect the culture and preferences of the regional audience.

You can try regional movies to get idea about the lifestyles of the people and their mindset. Isn’t it so great about cinema that it works in the cross-introduction of the people of widely different cultures.

So with this fascinating thought, we are going to walk you through a short but informative introduction of the regional film industries that are contributing to mingling of the people within and across cultures.

Excuse me! Please! Let’s not forget to talk about Bollywood for a while. It’s so vast, we can’t cross it over.

1. Bollywood, Mumbai

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have just introduced the world to exceptional talents present in the Bollywood film industry of India.

Bollywood  is based in the city of Mumbai, the economic capital of India.

Bollywood is India’s biggest film industry where stars rule. Name of Bollywood is inspired by Hollywood, with first letter derived from ‘Bombay’ which is the ancient name of the city of Mumbai where bollywood is located.

The industry is enriched with world class talents. Singers, dancers, actors, fighters, and all sorts of talents get an established platform in the flourishing Bollywood.

Hindi cinema’s growing popularity has brought fame to every section of the artists that includes scriptwriters, directors, and everyone on or behind the curtain.

Music and dancing in its movies creates a unique identity of the Bollywood cinema culture.

Bollywood is also referred to as Hindi cinema. Followers of Bollywood are all over the world. In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, and several Central Asian and Arab Countries, where people understand Hindi, Bollywood cinema is entertaining people of these regions with its tadkedaar ‘spicy’ and Samvedansheel ‘sensitive’ movies.

However, Bollywood is just a fraction of the large Indian film industry that comprises of several regional production centers that producing films in many regional languages of India.

Bollywood represents over 40% of the net revenues collected from box offices from all over the India.

Yearly Grossing: Bollywood makes 2 billion dollars every year and this industry is growing at the rate of 15% per year in terms of revenue.

2. Tamil Film Industry – Kollywood, Tamil Nadu

Kollywood is another one from South India. In fact, the next you’ll get know are from the same geographical neighborhood. Kollywood is one part of what people in India refer to as South Indian movies.

The Tamil film industry named after Kodambakam, is situated in Chennai where most of the film activities take place.

A.R. Rahman and Rajinikanth are the biggest names associated to this industry. Tamilian style music and dance mainly feature in Tamil movies.

Yearly Grossing: The yearly grossing of the Tamil movies is over 1500 crores in INR.

3. Tollywood – Telugu Film Industry – Hyderabad

Number 1 film producer, 1500 Crores of earning per year, largest audience screen in the hometown of Hyderabad, and talents that are recognized all over India and outside.

Tollywood or the Telugu film industry is the biggest production house of movies in the world. Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu is known as the father of Telugu Cinema who produced the first silent film in 1921.

This film industry located in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh has produced more over 250 movies per year and replaced Bollywood for the number one spot in the number race of film production count.

This industry is known for making total commercial entertainers. The Tollywood film industry has given many stars to Bollywood.

Further description could be more stunning to you. More that 25 percent of the actors, actresses, singers, directors, script writers in Bollywood have their roots in Tollywood.

Talents of Tollywood are so versatile that you can’t figure out in a Bollywood movie about the Tollywood background of the actors in it.

R Madhavan, Kamal Hassan, Tamanna Bhatia, Asin, Tapasi Pannu, made a great impression on the Bollywood audience.

Ram Charan Teja, NTR Junior, Chiranjeevi, and Mahesh Babu are also well recognized by the people all over India when their movies appear in the Dubbed form. Point to be noted, Tollywood has no scarcity of audience in its regional language however.

Yearly Grossing: Its gross earnings in 2013 were 1350 Crore INR and it is a growing industry.

4. Kannada Cinema – Sandalwood or Chandanavana – Karnataka

Kannad film industry is centered in Bangalore and feeds the entertainment need of the people of Karnataka and likewise. Sandalwood forests of Karnataka are the inspiration behind its name.

Chandanavana and Sandalwood are the nicknames of the Kannada cinema which brings the picture of Karnataka to the curtain for the local people of that region.

Kannada cinema is not so popular, however. It’s struggling is mainly because of the overwhelming high quality production by its rich neighbors who overload the theaters.

Local people of Karnataka prefer Bollywood and other movies since production in Kannada is not fueled with money and other resources needed to produce a the quality that would become the favorite of people.

Girish Karnad, Sudeep Sanjeev, and Radhika Pandit are few of the names popular form the Kannada Industry.

Yearly Grossing: The gross revenue of this film industry is estimated to be about 700 crore of INR.

5. Malayalam Cinema – Mollywood, Kerala

The Malayalam film industry is also called by the name Mollywood which is the fourth greatest regional film industry of India. The film industry is established in Kerala.

Mollywood films are known for their low budget high class movies. Mollywood movies excel in producing movies with social and ethical messages. For its class, it is regarded as the industry that bridges the gap between the mainstream movies and the off stream movies.

It’s interesting to know that the Malayalam films are made by Tamil film makers.

Some of the famous Malayali actors are Mamooti, Mohanlal, Prithviraj, Dilip, and Naveen.

The first Indian 3D film was made in Malayalam, which is a fascinating fact about the Malayali film industry.

Yearly Grossing: It’s highest grossing in an year is expected to be around 500 Crores of INR.

6. Marathi, Maharashtra

The Maharashtra Film Industry also likes to call itself Mollywood. So you might get confused between the two Mollywoods, Beware!

Anyways, the condition of Maharashtra’s regional film industry is not much different from that of Malayam film industry.

Its biggest hit was the romantic movie ‘Sairat’ released in 2016. The movie broke all the records for a regional movie. The movie was made in a less than a budget of 5 crores and grossed a whooping 110 crores.

Yearly Grossing: The yearly grossing of this industry is generally around 200 crores.

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