Popularity of Donald Trump & Trumpism, Trump’s Winning Probability in 2016 US Elections

Nowadays there is buzz all around in the USA and everywhere about the upcoming president of the country. Prospect presidents from both the parties are claiming their statesmanship for the position of the president.

Meanwhile, the name ‘Donald Trump’ has suddenly started appearing in newspapers, television news channels, discussions of the people, editorials, social media and everywhere. The reason may be good or bad, but this man called ‘Trump’ in short has gained this popularity overnight.

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We don’t know the result of the US election, but in terms of popularity, he has definitely defeated his opponent Hillary both inside and outside of USA. Every day, he is giving birth to new controversies, he is creating fear, he is offending some or the other person, and that’s how he is gaining in popularity.

His wild tongue and aggressive statements have given birth to a new term “Trumpism” by his non-supporters. “Trumpism” is also a popular hashtag and trending topic on Twitter garners thousands of tweets every day.

Trumpism is not only about his personal way of thinking, but it’s a marking of the mentality that he and the people supporting his ideology are occupied with.


The level of his popularity is such that apart from Hillary Clinton, anybody in the world hardly knows any other candidate of any other party but Donald Trump is recognized worldwide.

The Democratic Party also has plans to enter Hillary into the white house with the help of the negative popularity of Trump and Trumpism, and this approach of Trump’s opposition is another reason for his growing popularity which is negative.

Here’s what has led to the birth of Trumpism…

Opposing the Muslims

He has said that one fourth of the Muslim-population has a view of hatred towards United States. Trump has even conveyed his intent to ban entry of Muslims in USA. That might be true, but with this statement he has raised the eyebrows of half of the countries of the world that are Muslim.

Aggressive Behavior

His words emit the imprudent aggression in him. At many points he appears an objective driven narcissistic being. He once warned the Democratic Party of chances of riots in case he is not chosen the contestant.

He Is Controversial

Following the Donald Trump’s “Grab them by their P*****y” video break-out, the momentum appears to be shifting towards Hilary Clinton. So what?? Trump’s unguided tongue has created history several times.

Economic Nationalist

Trump also has some aggressive economic beliefs which seem to have come out from the ideology of economic nationalism. He could majorly impact the free trade practices, and shave off the benefits of the business counterpart countries. On several occasions he has also expressed his desire to expel the citizen of other countries.

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