Area 51 – 5 Incidents That Point Towards Its Alien Connection

You might have heard a lot of things about area 51 before…

But in this story, we have come up with all the various stories said about it, which indicate its extraterrestrial connections.

It includes experiments on aliens, cases of human abduction by aliens, UFO crash in the area, and more…

The Alien stories are the most interesting among all the various stories popular about this mysterious place.

So enjoy it…


1. Boyd Bushman’s Confession

In 2014, a man named Boyd Bushman recorded his statement and claimed that he has worked in a laboratory in the Area -51 as air space Engineer. He claimed to have worked at sites that included projects related to aliens and UFOs.

Bushman was one among those senior scientists who were working on highly advanced spacecrafts, due to such position he was allowed to visit other such secret sites.

Boyd Bushman Displaying Images of an Alien

In a shocking video recording on his death bed, he claimed that there were also aliens who worked with scientists on those projects and those aliens were about 200 years of age or more.

Bushman claims the aliens belonged to the “Quintonia” (or “Quintumnia”). The aliens were up to five feet tall with long fingers and latticed feet. These aliens were several times more intelligent than humans and they could talk to each other without any medium.

Bushman revealed to have been working on a UFO of 38 m diameter that was powered with anti-gravity technology. Many consider Bushman’s statement as false, but there are people who have faith in him. By the way, later the US govt. affirmed that Bushman has never worked at Area 51.

2. Roswell UFO Crash

Roswell city of New Mexico came to limelight when purportedly on 2 July 1947, a UFO crashed near a military base.

UFO Crash Image – Roswell, 1961

Bernard, an oil exploration geologist, was at that time working on an oil exploration site in the region when a UFO mysteriously crashed nearby.

Purportedly, the US govt. obtained dead bodies of aliens from the crash site. By an official paper of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) it becomes clear that before 1950 UFOs landed in the Roswell city of New Mexico.

FBI also published thousands of their files over online resource “The World”. Those files comprised of a letter by an agent who worked in Washington to the FBI director on 22 March 1950.

In the letter he alleged that an examination officer of Air-force has seen three UFOs. Apart from this, a secret file of FBI was publicized which revealed that the US army personnel and Police officials had seen a crashing UFO.

A large section of the American population also believes that the bodies of aliens were also obtained from the site but American officials hid the truth.

Following wide initial interest, military stated that the crash was merely of a conventional weather balloon.

3. Secret Experiments Underneath

Many people believe that Area 51 is a place for secret experiments carried out over humans and aliens in secret bunkers underneath.


This belief gives rise to another belief that scientists there have achieved success in developing semi-human semi-alien type of an organism, and that, to develop such an organism they have taken help of alien DNA derived from the body of aliens obtained from Roswell UFO crash site.


Although no evidences about any such experiments have ever been found, and it is believed that such false news were spread by the US govt. itself so that the fact about secret experiments could be kept hidden.

4. Zeta Reticuli Star System & the Story of Alien Abduction

According to ufologists, the UFO at Roswell had come from a planet revolving around the double star system ‘Zeta Reticuli’ which is 39 light years away from earth and situated in the sky southwards.

It was a school teacher from Ohio, USA who linked the Zeta Reticule to the belief of aliens for the first time in the year 1970. Marjorie Fish named teacher prepared a star map using the details of 1961 UFO abduction case which depicts where the aliens had come from.

Marjorie Fish

This UFO abduction case of 1961, which refers to abduction by UFO, came into light for the first time through a US Journalist John G, Fuller.

According to a report published by him, a married couple of New Hampshire was abducted by aliens on September 19 to September 20, 1961. They also conducted their medical examination.

Betty Hill and Barney Hill

Betty Hill and Barney Hill

When in order to check the reality, the examiners of the abduction case hypnotized the abducted women “Betty Hill”, she sketched a star map. Betty claimed to have seen this star route from inside of the spaceship.

Zeta Reticuli original sketch by Betty Hill, 1961

Zeta Reticuli Star System by Modern Technology

Zeta Reticuli Star System

It was during the starting phrase of 1970s when the computer technology wasn’t so evolved. Therefore, the interested school teacher in this case ‘Marjorie’ prepared a model of her map using metal wires and beads.

She then started to look at the sky and find home of aliens. Coincidentally her model matched with the Zeta Reticuli star system located in south, and this gave people a new big story. Further it was also linked to the Roswell incident.

It’s however a different thing that this star system has no evidence of any planet revolving around it. So an alien establishment there is a hard thing to assume.

5. The Alien’s Photograph from Area 51

A UFO scientist has introduced a photograph of an alien which he claimed to have been taken during the examination of an alien in a laboratory in Area 51. He claimed to have obtained this photograph from Area 51.

Alien Photo at Area 51

Alien Photo at Area 51

According to a report by ‘Examiner Website’ this photograph was sent to UFO expert Tom Carey. It is being said that the photograph was taken in 1947. See that the Roswell UFO crash incident happened the same year.

Tom Carey said in this regard, that to determine the authenticity of the photograph taken on the Kodak roll, we met Kodak historian in New York who told that the photograph was taken in 1947 and it hasn’t been Photoshopped.

In the photograph you can see an alien lying down. According to Kerry, this alien would have been about 4 feet in height. It’s still not sure whether this photograph tells a truth or a lie!

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