It’s MQ1 Predator Drones After Rafale to Bolster India’s Defense System

Here comes one more upshot following the cross border disputes leading to the ongoing tensions in the South Asia region.

India, after having finalized the 7.87 Billion Euro deal with France for 36 Rafale Multirole Fighter Jets, is hastening for the ‘Predator Drone Aircraft Deal’ with US which has been in pipeline from over a year.

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Narendra Modi visited US in June 2016 when he put forward the proposal on India’s behalf for 100 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) worth USD 2 billion.

These UAVs have armed and surveillance versions to bolster India’s arsenal. These air vehicles are very competent for the nasty long border area India shares with Pakistan.

US President Barack Obama leaves office early next year which is the apparent reason India is rushing and both India and US are pushing forward the Predator Drone Aircraft project so that it could be completed during Obama’s tenure.


22 Predator Guardian drones are under negotiation alongside of several administrative tasks to be carried out.

Washington favored New Delhi to get the membership of Missile Technology Control Regime for India in June 2016. This cleared the way for the exchange of unarmed Predators between USA and India.

Other Deals and Strategic Programs with US in Queue

United States is giving India its military collaboration in developing its biggest aircraft carrier.

Washington has offered flight launch technology that is being inducted into its own carriers to fly heavier fighter planes off the deck, which could allow the Indian navy to leapfrog a generation of technology.

New Delhi is also on its way to seal a US nuclear reactor deal worth billions of dollars as US becomes the chief armament supplier for India replacing Russia.

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