It has been early 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humanity’s first steps on the moon in July 1969. Overall,  just 12 astronauts have accomplished the feat, all within a span of 3 years. We haven’t been back since. Get to know the elite individuals of the most exclusive club in the world-the moonwalkers.

1. Neil Alden Armstrong


First man on the moon

Mission: Apollo II

Moon landing July 21, 1969

(August 5 1930 to August 25 2012)

First person to set foot on the Moon was an aerospace engineer Naval Aviator test pilot and University professor served in the Korean War before becoming an astronaut.

with by Sheraton on the Moon collected rocks plans that the US flag and diploid a reflector device (to measure the distance between the moon and earth by beaming lasers into it from earth) which is still being used today.

Died at age 82 from complications related to a coronary bypass surgery.

2. Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin Jr.


Lunar Module Pilot

Born – January 20, 1930

Second person to walk on the Moon following Neil Armstrong was a US Air Force pilot before joining NASA in 1963 Phillips 66 Combat missions abroad F-86 Sabre and shut down two MiG-15s during the Korean War.

First visited place in 1966 as part of the Gemini 12 mission to test space working procedures, and new restaurant attached to the space capsule exterior.

Redesign from NASA in July 1971; wrote numerous books, gave lectures around the world, and founded the company to promote his vision of space exploration.

3. Charles  “Pete” Conrad


Mission: Apollo 12

Moon Landing November 19, 1969


June 2 1930 July 8 1999

Third man to walk on the Moon; was naval officer and aviator, aeronautical engineer, and test pilot.

set an 8 day space endurance record on the Gemini 5; after Apollo, commanded the first manned skylab 2 mission.

Retired from NASA in 1973; work at American Television and Communications corporation 80c and the McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

died tragically in a motorcycle accident.

4. Alan Lavern Bean


Lunar Module Pilot  

Born March 15,1932

4th person to walk on the Moon; spent more than a day on the Moon’s surface with pete Conrad. Apollo 12 was his first space flight; he was 37 years old.

second and final space flight was on the skylab 3 mission in 1973, the second manned mission to the American Space Station .

Retired from the US Navy in 1975 and left NASA in 1981 Pursuit painting, depicting various space related scenes and personal space experiences.

5. Alan Bartlett “Al” Shepard Jr.


Mission: Apollo 14

Moon Landing February 5, 1971


November 18, 1923-July 21, 1998

5th and, 47 year old the oldest person to walk on the Moon.

second person (Soviet Yuri Gagarin was first a month earlier) and first American to journey into outer space in May 1961.

made only two space flights, the second was on the Apollo 14; while on the Moon, fashioned a golf club and hit coup a couple of golf balls.

left the US Navy and NASA 1974; served on the boards of various Corporation; diagnosed with leukaemia in 1996 and died 2 years later.

6. Edgar Dean “Ed” Mitchell


Lunar Module Pilot

September 17, 1930-February 4,2016  

6th person to walk on the Moon; was naval officer and aviator, test pilot, aeronautical engineer and ufologist.

Spent  9 hours working on the lower surface; one of the many mission achievement was the longest walk performed by astronaut on the lunar surface.

Took photos, including one with Shepard raising the U.S. flag, later included on popular science’s gallery of best Astronaut selfies.

Retired from NASA in 1972; wrote several articles and books; did interviews on his Belief in alien intelligence; diet and hospice care at the age of 85.

7. David Randolph “Dave” Scott



Born June 6, 1932

7th person to walk on the moon; engineer and U.S. Air Force officer; graduated from west point Military Academy.

Made three space flight: Gemini 8 Apollo, 9 and the final one with Apollo 15.

Together with james Irwin, logged 18 and half hour outside the lunar module; first to drive (first time they brought it) the lunar rover.

At age 42, became director of NASA’s flight Research Centre for 2 year’s consulted for Ron Howard’s film Apollo 13; resides in L.A. with his wife.

8. James Benson “Jim” Irwin


Lunar Module Pilot

(March 17, 1930-August 8,1991

Eighth person walk on the moon.

Was an aeronautical engineer, test pilot and the U.S. Air Force pilot.

Developed several science experiments, gathered 170 lbs of rock samples including the Genesis Rock, later found to be 4 million years old.

Left NASA and retired from the USAF in 1972; suffered to serious heart attacks, and second one claiming him at age 61.

10. Jhon Watts Young


Apollo 16

Moon Landing: April 21, 1972


(Born September 24, 1930)

Ninth person to walk on the moon; first person to orbit the moon alone during Apollo 10; one of only three people to have flown to the moon twice.

Longest serving astronaut; first person to make 6 space flights over the course of 42 years of active NASA service.

Only one pilot and be commander of 4 different spacecrafts; Gemini Apollo command/service module, Apollo lunar module, and the space shuttle.

Retired from NASA in 2004, but continued to attend the Monday Morning Meeting at the astronaut office where he was its chief from 1974 to 1987.

11. Charles Moss “Charlie” Duke Jr.


Lunar Module Pilot

(Born October 3, 1935)

10th person to walk on the moon and engineer and U.S. Air Force officer,he was the youngest to walk at 36 year old.

Joined NASA in 1966 and flew on just one space mission, Apollo 16 before retiring in 1975.

Apply the cosmic ray detector, and ultraviolet camera and tested the rover-2 over the roughest lunar surface yet encountered.

Become a committed Christian after Apollo 16, remains active in the prison ministry.

12. Eugene Andrew “Gene” Cernan


Apollo 17

Moon Landing:April 21, 1972


(Born March 14, 1934)

11th person to walk on the Moon and the last man on the moon since he was the last to re-enter the lunar module, not his pilot Apollo 17 moon landing module, not his pilot Jack Schmitt.

Was the Naval officer fighter pilot, electrical and aeronautical engineer; went to space three times on board Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and Apollo 17.

Did three moonwalks on the lunar surface and the lunar Rover to a maximum speed of 11.2 miles per hour an unofficial lunar land speed record.

Retired from the navy and NASA in 1976 to go into private business.

13. Harrison Hagan “Jack” Schmitt


Lunar Module Pilot

(Born July 3,1935)

Twelfth man on the moon geologist, university professor and US Senator was the first number of NASA’s first scientific-astronaut group to fly in space.

Remove the first and only professional scientists to have flown beyond Earth orbit.

Resigned from NASA in 1975 and run for election to the U.S. Senate in 1976 as a Republican candidate from New Mexico.

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