Kind of Situations To Visit An Employment Lawyer

Hiring an employment lawyer can mark the difference between satisfactory compensation of loss and damages, and bitter memories for a lifetime. Many matters related to employment can be handled by you, but at a level when disputes turn out to be tricky they require legal experts called employment lawyers.

If you are an employee feeling cheated, ill-treated or harassed by the policies and actions of your employer, then you should recall the word ‘Employment Law’ in your mind.  If the matter falls under the domain of the Employment Law, and your employer stands guilty for the violation of the laws mentioned in it, you may definitely get justice by virtue of law.


In many cases, employers are not the culprits, they too often become victims of the smartness of some employee working for them or having left their job.

In cases when legal aid is required to defend employment related matters or justify the disputes, the employment lawyers are better off in that situation.

You may not be very sure in some conditions as whether or not the option of employment lawyer will be suitable in that particular case. So better you get a brief knowledge about it so that when you need it, you are sure what your next move is going to be.

Here putting down the references, first for the employees and then for the employers, telling each about the various types of help they can get from an employment lawyer –

1. Employment Lawyer’s Help for Employees

An employment lawyer helps an employee in the following cases:

Employment Discrimination

If you have been denied a job or a promotion, you are paid less, or if you have been terminated because of a discriminatory reason.

Wages & Benefits

If it is a case of improper wages employment lawyers are experts in getting your employer on the right track.

Workplace Safety

By law, your workplace has to be reasonably free from health hazards. The law insists safety and health standards.

Medical Compensation

If you are injured during your job, the employer owns the responsibility and you can ask for legal favor in case of denial through an employment lawyer.

Wrongful Termination Claims

If you think your termination was unlawful.

Family and Medical Leave

On returning from leave on the terms granted by law, the employee is entitled to be restored to his former job, or to an equivalent job, with equivalent pay, benefits, and other terms of employment. In case of denial you should consult an employment lawyer.

2. Employment Lawyer’s Help for Employers

An employment lawyer can help employers in the following ways:

Advice on Employment Decisions

Consider taking advice on decisions such as for termination of employees on the grounds of misconduct or under-performance, in a lawful manner, so risks of a lawsuit are minimized, and for crosschecking other potential legal pitfalls.

Representation in Legal Proceedings

You don’t know the whereabouts of law so an employment lawyer will be needed to represent you and put your case more effectively for the lawsuits, claims and complaints made against you.

Reviewing Documents

Any unlawful contract, agreement, or handbook can get you screwed by the court. Better you get it thoroughly reviewed by a lawyer.