India 2016 Kabaddi World Cup Teams, Schedule, Playing Squads

The India’s exciting game of Kabaddi is gearing up fast to become a well recognized international sport. 7th October marks the beginning of the 3rd edition of the Kabaddi World Cup that is to be held in India in the Ahmedabad district of Gujrat In India.

12 countries from across the continents are participating in the tournament making Kabaddi a Global tournament. Inviting at least one country from each continent is a brilliant approach by IKF towards building up this game for a whole new level.


India, Bangladesh, Korea, Thailand, and Japan are the five countries from Asia, Poland & United Kingdom from Europe, USA from North America, Argentina from South America, Kenya from the African Continent, and Australia are the 12 countries taking part in the Kabaddi World Cup tournament.

Since everyone realizing the power of the game of kabaddi in generating excitement, attracting the audiences, and also its commercial feasibility, this game is more likely to become a popular tournament in near future. IKF is also making efforts to get Olympic Sport Status for Kabaddi.

Pakistan Out! Argentina In As India-Pakistan Relations Spoil

Pakistan also has a strong Kabaddi culture like India but due to tensions between Indian and Pakistan across borders following the India’s surgical strike over terrorist camps in Pakistan, Pakistan has been excluded from the tournament. The place of Pakistan is allotted Argentina.

The absence of Pakistan will definitely result in some fading of the tournament, as Pakistan is a strong contender in this game and is the only country in the world to have defeated the Indian Kabaddi team in an international match.

In an exclusive statement given to sportskeeda, the CEO of IKF said that “Pakistan is a valuable member and stakeholder of the federation, but in view of the current political atmosphere, we have decided, in the best interest of the sport, that this world cup should be played without them.”

Although, it will give newer teams an opportunity to gain achievements, but they might not be able to get off the Indian National Kabaddi team which is stuffed with star players and who also have quite a number times of much experience of the domestic Kabaddi tournaments especially the Pro Kabaddi League (India’s Domestic Kabaddi League) that was recently held in India. Also, since inclusion of Kabaddi in the Asian Games in 1990, India has won all the gold medals.

Participant Countries

The participants of the Kabaddi world cup 2016 are as follows

  • USA
  • POLANd
  • IRAN

About The Venue

Matches will be organized in the brand new state-of-the-art stadium in Ahmedabad, called “The Arena by TransStadia”.

The Opening Match

India and South Korea will fight in the opening match on October 7.

Tournament Format

All the 12 international Kabaddi teams will be divided into 2 groups of 6 teams each.

Group A: India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Australia, England and Argentina

Group B: Iran, Thailand, Japan, USA, Poland and Kenya.

All the league matches will be held in ‘Round Robin format’. Top 2 sides from both the pools will qualify for semi-finals. Final will be played on 22 October 2016.

Online Live Broadcast & TV Channel

Star Sports is the one and only official broadcaster for India. Star Sports is the TV Channel for live broadcast as well as for the online live streaming of the tournament.

Event will also be televised in Australia, USA, Canada, EU, UK, New Zealand.


The International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) declared the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup schedule to take place from 7 October 2016 to 22 October 2016.

Here is the complete schedule and match fixtures of Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Schedule.

Match No Date Start Time Team Played
1 07 OCT 20:00 IND vs KOR
2 07 OCT 21:00 USA vs IRN
3 08 OCT 19:00 ENG vs BAN
4 08 OCT 20:00 POL vs KEN
5 08 OCT 21:00 IND vs AUS
6 09 OCT 19:00 KOR vs ARG
7 09 OCT 20:00 USA vs JPN
8 09 OCT 21:00 THA vs IR
9 10 OCT 20:00 ENG vs AUS
10 10 OCT 21:00 THA vs POL
11 11 OCT 20:00 IRN vs KEN
12 11 OCT 21:00 IND vs BAN
13 12 OCT 20:00 POL vs JPN
14 12 OCT 21:00 AUS vs ARG
15 13 OCT 20:00 THA vs KEN
16 13 OCT 21:00 BAN vs KOR
17 14 OCT 20:00 ENG vs ARG
18 14 OCT 21:00 USA vs POL
19 15 OCT 19:00 KOR vs AUS
20 15 OCT 20:00 IRN vs JPN
21 15 OCT 21:00 IND vs ARG
22 16 OCT 19:00 THA vs the USA
23 16 OCT 20:00 KOR vs ENG
24 16 OCT 21:00 JPN vs KEN
25 17 OCT 20:00 POL vs IRN
26 17 OCT 21:00 AUS vs BAN
27 18 OCT 20:00 USA vs KEN
28 18 OCT 21:00 IND vs ENG
29 19 OCT 20:00 BAN vs ARG
30 19 OCT 21:00 THA vs JPN
Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Semi-Final & Final Fixture
Semi Final 1
21 OCT 20:00 TBD vs TBD
Semi Final 2
21 OCT 20:00 TBD vs TBD
22 OCT 20:00 TBD vs TBD


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