India – France Rafale Deal & All You Need To Know About It

Rafale multirole fighter jets are the most superior fighter planes at present. They are technologically advanced, highly sophisticated for the operator, it’s tough like impossible for the opponent to track it on the radar and to bring it down.

Considering speed, agility, accuracy or any other parameter, Rafale is so far the best fighter plane we have witnessed. Perhaps, that is why India has finally settled with the long pending Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) deal from its maker France to augment the IAF’s capability.

This deal between India and France means a lot to India at this point of time when politics in the South Asia Region is heating up.

Following a 17 months long term of negotiating on various points such as technology, price, and terms and conditions, the two countries finally settled for the deal.

36 Rafale fighter planes are to be delivered to India by France in installments within a time frame of 4 and half years at a price of 59, 000 Crores INR that is 7.87 Billion Euros.. By the next three years from now, India will have the possession of some of these most advanced fighter planes on the planet till date.

In this edition, we are collaborating the boiling downs of this agreement between India and France, and its anticipated significance to India’s defending power.



Wing span 10.90 m
Length 15.30 m
Height 5.30 m


Overall empty weight 10 t (22,000 lbs) class
Max. take-off weight 24.5 t (54,000 lbs)
Fuel (internal) 4.7 t (10,300 lbs)
Fuel (external) up to 6.7 t (14,700 lbs)
External load 9.5 t (21,000 lbs)

Store Stations:

Total 14
Heavy-wet 5


Max. thrust 2 x 7.5 t
Limit load factors -3.2 g / +9 g
Max. speed M = 1.8 / 750 knots
Approach speed less than 120 knots
Landing ground run 450 m (1,500 ft) without drag-chute
Service ceiling 50,000 ft

1. What’s In The Deal

France will provide 36 Rafael fighter planes to India for the cost of 7.87 billion Euros. All these planes will be handed over to Indian Air Force within a period of 4 and half years.

The 36 planes being given to India will constitute, out of which 28 will be single seater planes, and remaining will be double seater.

2. The Power of Rafale

Rafale is intended to perform air supremacy, interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, ground support, in-depth strike, anti-ship strike and nuclear deterrence missions.

Rafale is loaded with a variety of weapons that constitute the meteor radar-guided Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missile with a target range of over 150 km and the Scalp long-range air-to-ground missiles with a range of 300 km. Given the technological sophistications, Rafales are to lead as nuclear delivery platforms in India’s second-strike capability.

3. Advancements

Rafale’s tracking system is so advanced that it can identify the enemy planes from a distance of 200 KMs. Its Active Electronically Scanned Array – AESA RBE2 radar can scan 40 opponents at a time, and can instantly launch attack on eight of them.

Rafale D is Semi-Stealthy. Even worst for the enemies, they can’t get a hint of its presence if it is flying in their range. Rafael can contain 4700 KGs of fuel at a time.

4. The Price

India has shown great negotiation skills and has succeeded to convince the French govt. to deliver each piece of the jet for 750 crores. It will cost for a sum of 7.87 billion Euros or approximately 59, ooo crores in INR for 36 units of Rafale air crafts. On equipping these jets with all the respective weapons, it costs 1600 crores of INR in total. However, the Indian government is still making efforts to further negotiations in the prices.

5. Dimensions

This 50.1 long, 17.5 feet high, 21.5 ton fighter plane can easily take off from aircraft carrier. Radar systems of the enemies can’t detect its presence which is so special about it. Just 35.5 feet of wing span.

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