Everything About Bioprinting The Future of Medical Science

1. What IS Bioprinting?


bioprinting is the artificial construction of living tissues the outputting of layer-upon-layer of living cells. Presently, Bioprinting is still in the experimental stage.

2. The Basic Process

Though bioprinters come in various configurations, the basic process is the same. All machines output an immense amount of cells, which come from a bioprint head, in order to build up a three-dimensional organic object. Most bioprinters also output dissolvable gel (as a scaffold) to protect and support cells during printing.

3. Potentials And Applications

Regenerating Bones

Biodegradable Polymers and ceramics are being tested to help from artificial organs, and may be used as bioprinting substitutes for bone.

In Situ Bioprinting

Researchers have experimented with a bioprinter that directly sprayed skin cells onto the wounds of mice. The wounds healed  in just three weeks compared to six weeks in a control group. The US military is funding research on in situ bioprinting to help heal wounds of soldiers in the battlefield.

Cosmetic Application

In situ bioprinting could have cosmetic application and may come in the form Of face printers. The futuristic scenario would see bioprinters evaporate existing flesh and replace it with new cells to exact patient specification. people could download a facial scan and have it applied on them.

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