Heaven-defying architecture, 3D-printed buildings, self-driving cars, and pneumatic Hyperloop transports. It reads like every futurist’s wish list-but for Dubai, tomorrow is today, and this ambitious emirate is taking the lead with countless projects, completed and planned, completed and planned. Let’s take a look at way Dubai really is the city of the future.

1. Museum of the Future


“See the future, create the future – that’s the motto of the museum of the future, slated to open in December 2018. But instead of curating the artifacts of the past, this museum will serve us an incubator for future innovations. It’s envisioned as the research and development arm of the country’s forward-thinking Ministry of the future, which seeks solutions to nascent problems and aims to craft the UAE’s roadmap to a post-oil future.

2. Robot Olympics


Starting in 2017. Dubai plans to host a “Robot Olympics” every two years the games will include nine events: driverless car racing, manned Drone races, unmanned Drone races, robotic running, robotic soccer, robotic swimming, robotic table tennis robotic wrestling, and even a “cybathlon” event. Move over, Michael Phelps…

3. “The Tower”


Dubai’s newest architectural wonder, slated for completion in 2020, is called, simply, The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour. The projected $1 billion-dollar spire is more of an ornament than a functional building – a 928-metre (3,044 – feet) sculpture in gleaming metal, cocooned in a webwork of cable stays. It will be 100 metres (328 feet) taller than Burj Khalifa, and comes complete with a Boutique hotel, vertical gardens, restaurants, and a 360-degree observation deck.

4. Hyperloop Transport System


The Dubai Future  Foundation will host a contest in September to design a Hyperloop system from Dubai to Fujairah – a distance of 105 kilometres (65 miles)  that could be covered in less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Dubai-based port operator DP world hopes to use Hyperloop technology to transport cargo from the Jebel Ali port to an inland container depot.

5. 3D-Printed Architecture


Earlier this year, Dubai unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed office building – a sleek, futuristic structure that took only 17 days and a handful of electricians and craftsmen to print, install, and equip for use. It’s the first step toward a revolutionary new Construction technique in a city famous for its architectural innovation.

6. Drone Prix


Dubai hosted the “World Drone Prix” in March – the first of it’s kind. 150 competitors assemble to pit their drone – piloting skills against one another on a 591 – metre purpose – built aerial Drone racing course. The champ, a British teenager, won a prize of $250,000 – and you can bet this new is here to stay.

7. Ziggurat pyramid


Surely Dubai’s most ambitious project – if it’s ever really undertaken – will be the ziggurat Pyramid. Conceived as a pyramidal arcology capable of housing a population of 1 million souls, the Ziggurat pyramid would be fully self-sufficient, using natural and renewable energy sources, and will eschew the need for fuel-burning vehicles altogether with an integrated, 360 Degree Transportation system .

8. Self – Driving Cars by 2030


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al maktoum. Emir of Dubai and vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE announced a push to have 25% of Dubai’s transportation system using artificial intelligence and driverless systems by 2030. If successful, the Gulf city-state will have the “smartest” and likely to safest Transportation system in the world.

9. The Men – Made Mountain


Dubai experiences four not-so-distinct seasons-dry and drier, hot and hotter. If only they had a mountain to batter regulate the climate… Hoping to defy the shortcomings of geography, the Government of Dubai is seriously studying the prospect of building a rainfall-boosting, man – made mountain. Forget the Ziggurat Pyramid arcology – this is geoengineering at it’s most ambitious.

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