Bloodhound Supersonic Car Specifications, Price, Launch Date, Competitors

Another Super Car is on its way to make a debut in the world of speed. The Supersonic Bloodhound Car will be splintering the time following its launching in 2017.

It has an eight times powerful engine than the general formula one cars of today.

So… is it going to be the fastest car in the world?

Sources tell that it will set a new mark both as a racing car and in terms of technology.

Bloodhound is somewhat like a collaboration of a spacecraft, a car, and a jet aircraft.


Speed, Power & Specifications

It’s a few short of the speed of world’s fastest aircraft, Concorde Jet’.

It will vanish from your eyes with a speed of over 1000 m/hr.

It is 13.4 m in length.

It engine has 1, 35000 Horse Powers.

Cost Per Unit

The estimates about the price are not yet given out by the makers but with a heavy starting budget of around £45 million (around US$68 m) we can project its price per piece to be definitely higher than Buggati Chirron’s $2.5-million per unit.

More Than 85% Complete

This under construction project in Britain has re-geared up after it has finally got sponsors. China’s seventh greatest company Geely will be the official automotive partner of the Bloodhound Supersonic car.

This 85% complete car is equipped with the biggest hybrid rocket engine created so far.

The Makers

This supersonic car with a speed of 1000 miles per hour is prepared by British engineer wing commander Richard Nobel, Andy Green, and Ron Ires.

It is expected to be ready to run on African track in the next year.

If the testing of this car gets alright, it will be the fastest car of the universe.

Pause Cause

This project was started in 2007 but due to lack of budget, it had to be stopped several times in middle.


The bloodhound of the car is 13.4 meters, and it weighs 7.5 ton.

Its shock-ups can neutralize shocks equivalent to 30 tons which will facilitate smooth driving and prevent accidents.

Its engine would produce a thrust of 21 ton.

6 ton capacity of air brakes will give control to the car.

To prevent the car roof from dust, it is built with a super fine metal.

To protect it from bird strikes, its windscreen is as strong as the canopy of Euro-fighter Typhoon. At high speed, its canopy will be able to bear the collision with a bird weighing 800 grams.

Other Fast Cars In Competition

Bloodhound will get a tough competition from Bugatti Chiron in speed. Bugatti Chiron has a record of 60 m/h speed gain in 2.8 seconds. It has a 1500 horse power of engine, which is a number of times lower than the guts of Bugatti Chiron.


Also, considering Bugatti Chiron’s aerodynamic model, it is more likely to beat any car at present and there are no signs of any competitor in the near future coming to challenge it.

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