10 Biggest Spiral Megastructures of the World

Spiral Skyscrapers is new twist in architectural design. The current revolution in materials technology is permitting architect to realize their wildest designs-  twisting, curvilinear spires unlike anything before seen.

The Council on tall buildings and urban habitat (CTBUH) reports that there are now 28 skyscrapers with twisted structures either built or under construction.

Here’s a look at some of these neo-futurist buildings  that are changing the world’s urban Skyline.

10. Shanghai Tower

Shanghai, China-  632 m(2,074ft)


Completed in 2015 The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China with 120 stories,  and is the second tallest in the world after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

9. Lakhta Center

St. Petersburg,  Russia- 462 m ( 1,516 ft)


Upon completion in 2018 Lakhta Center will be the tallest building in Russia and Europe, and will form the centerpiece of the cities new business and commercial district.

8. Diamond Tower

Jeddah,  Saudi Arabia-  432 m ( 1,417 ft)


With 93 floors and a planned opening in 2019, Diamond Tower will be the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia and one of the world’s highest residential skyscrapers.

7. Cayan Tower

Dubai,  UAE –  306 m (1,004 ft)


design by the architect behind the Burj Khalifa it became the world’s tallest high rise building with a twist of 90 degree when it opened in 2013.

6. Evolution Tower

Moscow, Russia-  246 m (807 ft)


completed in 2015,  moscow’s evolution Tower has 55 levels that rotate 3 degrees on each floor for an overall 156 degrees clockwise twist.

5. F&F Tower

Panama City, Panama-  233 m (764 m)


This 52 level office tower opened in 2011 with a “helix form” design which allows each floor to have four exterior balconies.

4. Al Tijaria Tower

Kuwait City, Kuwait –  218 m (715ft)


Inaugurated in 2009, the Al Tijaria Tower is Kuwait’s tallest building at 41 stories, and features vertically-stacked six-storys-high atrium gardens.

3. United Tower

Manama, Bahrain- 200 m (656 ft)


Reminiscent of a drill bit, the 50 story mixed-use United Tower will be Bahrain’s tallest skyscraper upon completion this year.

2. Turning Torso

Malmo, Sweden-  189 m (620 ft)

Architect: Santiago Calatrava, Zurich (Switzerland) Project: Turning Torso, office + apartment building, Malmoe (Sweden)

Opened in 2005 the oddly named “Turning Torso” is the world’s first “twisted” skyscraper and the tallest building in Scandinavia.

1. Absolute World Towers

Ontario, Canada, Tower 1- 180 m (589 ft), Tower 2- 161 m (529 ft)


Completed in 2012 and dubbed the “Marilyn Monroe Towers” by locals, the 56 and 50-story structures showcase natural fluid lines.