10 Coolest Starfighters In The Star Wars Universe

Some of the most gripping scenes in the Star Wars films are the open space dogfights between the forces of good and evil. The primary weapon of choice in these brawls has always been in the fast and lethal starfighter. Here, we look at the most famous designs used in a galaxy far far away.

1. Tie Fighter


  • One of the most iconic designs: spider web cockpit window and hexagonal wings.
  • Its engines emit threatening scream that has become instantly recognizable.
  • Many variants and a special one, the TIE Advanced, was flown by Vader in Star Wars.

2. TIE Interceptor


  • Appeared throughout the regional trilogy; had variants  such as fighters and bombers.
  • Prepared by twin ion engines (hence the TIE acronym), they were the Empire’s fastest.
  • Lacked shields and hyperdrive but had more weapon payloads and agility.

3. Vulture Droid Starfighter


  • First appeared in The Phantom Menace, it is the TIE fighter of the prequel trilogy.
  • Controlled by droid brains, they are fast, deadly, and require no pilot.
  • They can land, invert their wings and walk making them versatile and unique.

4. X-Wing


  • Debuted in A New Hope’s climatic Death Star battle, it is the ultimate Rebel starfighter.
  • Has four laser cannons, a pair of proton torpedoes, hyperdrive and deflector shield.
  • It relies on an astromech droid to calculate hyperspace jumps.
  • Lightning fast, it was used by Luck to destroy the Death Star.

5. Y Wing


  • A hallmark Rebel Alliance craft seen in the original trilogy, and in the Clone Wars.
  • Slower but durable and loaded with weapons lasers, ion cannons and photon torpedoes.
  • Has a triangular cockpit and droid socket variants included one or two-seater.

6. A Wing

a wing

  • One of the several crafts that  debuted in Return of the Jedi, it is the fastest Rebel starfighter.
  • A trio of A – wings destroyed the Empire’s super star Destroyed during the battle of Endor.
  • It is sleek and designed for Speed, with twin engines, no droid slot, and no frills.

7. Noboo N – 1 StarFighter


  • First appeared during the space battle of Naboo in Star Wars Episode 1.
  • Also seen escorting Padme’s Royal Cruiser in the beginning of Star Wars Episode 2.
  • Rounded in design as opposed to the angular look of the original trilogy’s ships.

8. ARC – 170arc170-sw

  • Starfighter of choice for the Republic’s clone troopers.
  • Featured prominently in the opening dogfight scene of Revenge of the sith.
  • Bulkier than a typical starfighter, it requires three clone trooper pilots.

9. Delta –  7 JEDI StarFighter


  • First appeared in Attack of the Clones with an updated version in Revenge of the sith.
  • Used by Jedis on missions, one was piloted by Obi – Wan through an asteroid field.
  • Similar in look to the A – wing, it docks with a hyperdrive ring to travel at lightspeed.

10. JEDI StarFighter


  • Updated version of the original Delta – 7
  • Blindingly fast, it is able to outrun missiles.
  • Features new cockpit pod, wing tips, and a spring – loaded astromech socket.
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