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Animals That Went Extinct In The 21st Century

Bermuda Saw-Whet Owl


Native To: Bermuda

Disappeared: 2014

Reason: Unknown, but may be due to the decline of cedar and palmetto trees, or the arrival of non-native

predators and competitors.

Formosan Clouded Leopard


Native To: Taiwan

Disappeared: 2013

Reason: Extensive logging of natural habitat.

Cape Verde Giant Skink


Native To: Cape Verde Islands

Disappeared: 2013

Reason: Hunted for food and “skink oil” by native

Pinta Island Tortoise


Native To: Pinta Island, Ecuador

Disappeared: 2012

Reason: Hunting

Japanese River Otter


Native To: Seto Inland Seas, Uwa Sea

Disappeared: 2012

Reason: Hunting in the past, pollution and human development during recent times.

Western Black Rhinoceros


Native To: Sub-Saharan Africa

Disappeared: 2011

Reason: Poaching

Eastern Cougar


Native To: northeastern North America

Disappeared: 2011

Reason: Hunting, and decline of its primary prey, the white tailed deer, also due to hunting.

Spotted Green Pigeon


Native To: Island in the south Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean

Disappeared: 2008

Reason: Hunting and Predation by introduced animals.

Baiji Dolphin


Native To: Yangtze River, China

Disappeared: 2006

Reason: Industrialization and heavy use of the river for fishing, transportation and hydroelectricity.

Pyrenean Ibex


Native To: Iberian Peninsula

Disappeared: 2000

Reason: Hunting