6 Amazing Facts About Mars: Water, Life Forms, Future Life & More…

Was there life at a time on mars or it has been one of the many lifeless planets of our solar system and of the outer space known to us humans?

Possibility of life’s heartbeat running somewhere on this planet in some or the other form can’t be denied. Scientists often claim the existence of life on mars in the far past.

A few experts also accept that life might exist on Mars at present, since we have explored only a small extent of it till today.


Many experts have framed different theories about life’s existence on mars in the past and may support the likelihood of life’s settlement there in future.

The nearness of mars to us and the living conditions has inspired our interest to explore this planet and know more and more about it.

We got many clues and facts about mars from time to time since humans started exploring it. Some of the facts have shocked us, some fascinated, while some made us more curious.

So it’s time for you to read the top facts about the nearest and the dearest planet to us – the Mars.

1. Human face on CYDONIA, Mars

About 40 years ago, Mars extremely shocked the Earthians. Nasa’s orbital mission YKING1 was in search for a right place on mars to land its lander mission vehicle 2 that was to be launhed when it passed over the Cydonia region of Mars. It sent such a photograph which shocked the NASA scientists and everyone.


The photo displayed a large size human face like sculpture on the Mars’s surface. The face looked upwards to the sky.

This face with a neutral expression covered an area of about 2 miles on the Martian land.

Was it trying to convey some message to us?

This face structure had become a big matter of discussion that time. People from all over the world gave many different views about it. Many people tried to relate this sculpture to other heavenly worlds and the aliens.

However, the buzz about the Human Face on Mars did not last for long. After a few days, scientists explained the sculpture as a plateau which looked like a human face when light from the falling sun and shadow combined.

Whatever be the fact, this photograph became a symbol of our search for life on Mars.

2. Water On Mars

At a time, 20 percent area on Mars was cover with water, and then atmospheric changes occurred on it.

According to the scientists of NASA, the so called red planet had a large ocean on it at a time which covered 20% of its surface. It would have been as deep as the Mediterranean Sea. According to a report published in ‘The Science Magazine’ at some places it was up to 1.5 km deep. According to Dr. Geronimo Villanueva of NASA – Chief Editor of the Research and a scientist from Argentina, said that his research is giving solid proof for the first time about the amount of water present on Mars at a time.


Scientists feel that about 80% of the Mars’s water evaporated and escaped to space. This research tells that there had been living conditions on Mars at a time.

But is there still some water on Mars?

Despite absence of atmosphere on Mars, there may be water present in some special condition.

There are 100 meter long dark strips which are believed to have been formed by flowing water. Photographs taken from NASA spacecraft show thin and long lines formed by flowing of some kind of liquid which could probably be water.


According to scientists of Arizona, these photographs are being considered as the first evidence about the existence water on Mars.

These streams of flowing water are seen at the temperature of – 23 degree Celsius and they freeze and disappear as the temperature reaches -87 Degree Celsius.

Scientists have also found mounds of hydrated salts on the surface of Mars. These mounds are most likely to comprise of magnesium perchlorate, magnesium chlorate, and Sodium perchlorate. If the water only has a tiny percentage of perchlorates, life has chances to survive.

According to NASA’s scientist Dr. Michael Myers, water inside the surface of Mars is still present, which means life under the surface of mars might be still flourishing.

3. Nuclear Explosions on Mars

Had there been any alien civilization on Mars which got destroyed by nuclear explosions?

Conspiracy Theorists claim the existence of a fully evolved civilization on Mars at a time that shattered by a nuclear explosion. In a peculiar image of Mars, there is seen a growing Mushroom kind of could structure which is formed by a nuclear explosion.

nuclear explosion on mars - mars facts

This image was captured by the Indian Space Agency ISRO. In this image, the large cloud like formation arising from the surface of Mars can be easily spotted.

According to many, this could be some kind of nuclear or methane explosion. This image of mushroom clouds had been in discussions for long and it empowered the theory of existence of an ancient alien civilization on Mars.

It also exposed the phenomenon of explosions on the planet.

However scientists elucidated it as an optical illusion created due to light and dark differences formed created as a result of trenches and hills at the place.

But, there is one physicist who thinks such explosions really occurred.

Plasma Physicist DR. John Brandenburg believes species of mars – the Cydonians and Utopians, were destroyed by a nuclear explosion. This nuclear explosion was so powerful that its evidences can still be seen.

Brandenburg told that the red color of mars is only because of that nuclear explosion. Radioactive elements have been found on the surface of Mars that constitute uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium. According to Brandenburg, only a nuclear explosion can spread these elements all over a planet.

Although according to other scientists the presence of such radioactive elements on the surface of mars is not any strange phenomenon. These elements are naturally available everywhere.

But Brandenburg persists. According to him, once there was earth like atmosphere on Mars in which a civilization existed which was as much advance as the ancient Egyptian Civilization of earth. He finds the archaeological structures on mars as an evidence of an ancient civilization.

Many more such doubtful theories had been claimed apart from this.

No one yet has an answer about the existence of some civilization on Mars.

4. Meteorites That Came to Earth From Mars

On the evening of 25 August 1865, a meteorite fell to Earth at Shergotty (Sherghati), in the Gaya district, Bihar, India. Frightened with a loud noise, people came out of their houses, and what they say is a meteorite running down. Along with police they reached the site found a 5 kg of meteorite. The police instantly took it into custody.


The meteor reached London where it was kept in the British Museum for a long time. But with time, and the advancements in science, the interest of scientists grew in that meteor.

Its radio carbon dating was conducted in the modern time and it was found to have born some 4.10 billion years ago on Mars by some volcanic eruption.

Due to some large size meteor hitting the surface of Mars, this small meteor got tossed along with dust cloud and stone debris and somehow reached us.

This is the oldest meteor from Mars that we have. With recent examinations on this meteor, it has been found that it has such chemical elements that have relation to some particular king of bacteria.

Such 34 samples of meteors landed on earth from mars have been securely kept in NASA.





This coming of meteors on earth from Mars is a rare coincidence of nature.

A similar meteor was obtained in Antarctica in December 1984 by a team of scientists. When it was found after examination that it came from mars about 2 billion years ago and war buried for about 11,000 years under the ice of Antarctica.



During an examination in the NASA laboratory, a special kind of element called ‘Magnetite’ was found in it. This element is made on earth only by a specific kind of bacteria.

When they cut it, they found a series of micro-crystals of same shape which again gives us a sign of bacteria in existence on Mars.

So is there life on Mars in the form of bacteria?

In 2009, after examining the meteor, NASA scientists stated that it can be said ‘Mars once had life’.

5. Is There Possibility for Life on Mars

NASA’s first aircraft was Viking 1 which succeeded to land on the surface of Mars.

It unleashed a few evidences of life on Mars. Viking 1 found Methyl Chloride and Dichloro Methane named carbon components on the surface Mars, although these components were invalidated later.

Other parameters for the existence of life such as cold, radiations, hyper-acidity, and several other factors were also found because of which the existence of life on mars can’t be denied.

On contrary, there are many areas on earth where life exists even in the most extreme conditions. By this we can say that there can be some form of life on Mars and other planets, no civilization however.

The life on earth was also on Mars.

By the way, the greatest scientific challenge of today is to establish life on Mars.

Many challenges have to be faced to settle on the planet that includes both scientific and technical challenges.

Man has to manage travel, food, water, oxygen, and deal with hundreds of both anticipated and unanticipated challenges.

Alongside of it, man has to synchronize with micro-gravity, and face potential hazards such as hyper-radioactivity and fire. Any kind of help is millions of miles ago. Even sending a message take more than 8 minutes.

It’s really full of challenges to stay and work in such adverse conditions.

Possibility to man’s going to Mars can’t be denied, but it is not possible today, may be sometime in future! NASA has plans to send man on MARS in the coming 10 years. If so happens, many more facts about the planet will be revealed to us. We wish to see it soon!

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