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4 Most Popular Myths About Moon

1. The Great Moon Hoax

In 1835, The sun, a New York newspaper, published a series of what purported to be articles by Sir John Herschel, in which he claimed to have discovered a civilization of lunar “bat men.” A hoax, of course-designed to increase readership and revenue.

2. The Purification Machine

The gnostic Manichaeans believed that the Moon was a kind of machine for drawing particles of Light-the Good-from the Darkness, purifying them, and  transmitting them to the sun;  its phases represent its alternate filling with and emptying of the Light.

3. The Moon-Biters

The Romanian varcolaci, a species of vampires are said to cause lunar eclipses by attempting to devour the Moon-and filing its disk with blood.

4. Men On The Moon

Driven to the Moon on the winds of a hurricane, the notorious liar Baron Munchausen found the lunar residents to be a giant race given to riding huge three-headed eagles in place of horses.