12 Greatest Benefits of DRONES… (You Had No Idea!)

1. Saving Lives


In natural and man made disasters, drones can be positioned to survey damage, locate stranded and injured victims, and access ongoing threats without risking and safety of rescue teams and first-responders.

2. Hurricane Hunting


Drone can charge into the heart of a stone without risking human life and limb where they collect data that can help researchers study storms and help improved forecasting natural disasters.

3. Infrastructure Maintenance


It’s difficult, costly, and risky to inspect the underside of a bridge or the top of skyscraper. When inspections are done with drones, scaffolding, cranes, and harnesses are not required. just deploy the system to assess the structure’s condition remotely.

4. Streamline Agriculture Management


Using a Crop management system to observe, measure, and respond to variability in individual plants. Farmers can target areas requiring attention. By pinpointing these areas farmers can provided care only where needed-improving yield conserving resources, and avoiding waste.

5. Supporting Law Enforcement


Drones can be used to search for lost Children, provided tactical surveillance and suspect tracking, assist in accident investigation, and monitor large crowds.

6. Aerial Photography


Drones can give media access to hard-to-reach places. aerial photography for a news broadcast or blockbuster film can be efficiently, economically, and safely captured by a drone.

7. Packages Delivery


Drones can be used to transport packages, food or Other goods to consumers across long distances.

8. Protecting Wildlife


Drones can be deployed to search for any signs of threats to animal species, such as deforestation, Hunters, criminal gangs and poachers. They also be used to spot and track the movement of endangered species.

9. 3D Mapping


Drones can be used to survey a landscape and capture thousands of highly detailed digital image that can be stitched together into 3D maps.

10. Guided Tours


Drones could be more intuitive modes of navigation. Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Senseable City Lab are working on ‘Project Skycall’. A drone they have developed guides you to anywhere in the campus you want to go.

The drone and its app collaborate to function like a campus tour guide. Using the app you can call a flying robot and request directions, while the drone will uses your smartphone’s GPS to locate you.

11. Advertising


Drones are a good way to promote your business. Whether it’s dropping coupons on a crowd at a sporting event or carrying a banner with your name on it, drone prove to be a much more cost efficient way to get your name out .

12. Inventory Management


Drones provide a way for users to see a large area of inventory without having to leave their desk. For  many car dealerships, this can prove to be useful tool while trying to keep track of all of the inventory correctly on the property.

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