10 Reasons India Should Not Open War Against Pakistan

Following the terrorist attacks on the Indian Army base at Uri, a majority of Indians are raising their voice to the Indian Government to open war against the Pakistan army.

But there are still questions whether opening up the war would lead India towards a permanent solution to the problem.

Not only India but most the world which is against terrorism is searching for answers as how India can effectively handle the problem and how India should answer the attacks being operated from the Pakistan’s soil.

Despite of being several times more powerful, why India doesn’t just finish Pakistan? Why India is not punishing Pakistan for its offensive acts? Why does India prevent itself from getting into war against the country which has been creating problems for it ever since partition in 1947. Will India just stick to diplomatic ways to handle the problem? Why a straight war is a difficult decision for India?

So here on the basis of some facts, we will try to explain to you the situation with India and why it is preventing a war.

1. Chances of Nuclear War

Crossing the border and getting into a straight war with Pakistan may ultimately result into a nuclear war between the two nuclear weapon rich countries.


2. India’s Nuclear Doctrine

India due to its nuclear doctrine can not use nuclear weapon first.  Means India will be first destroyed by Pakistan and it can only reply back. On the other hand Pakistan on several occasions clearly stated that it will use nuclear weapons against India in case India launches any military operation against it, Pakistan won’t betray. Pakistan has ever hardly shown its commitment towards any international laws for cooperation.


Key points of the nuclear doctrine.

3. Immature Pakistan. India has a lot to lose


Pakistan is a failed and an immature state and has very less to lose if war breaks out, where as India is heading towards becoming an economic superpower in the world. Pakistan is a suicidal state and is oriented towards waging wars and fights.

Pakistan and its lethal weapons are under the control of aggressive, unsafe and immature hands. So unsafe that even the terrorists can take over their possession and launch a nuclear attack on India. On the other hand India being a responsible and a large country is bound to many international treaties and agreements.

4. India Needs Nuclear Power for Development Purposes

If India uses nuclear weapons, its agreements with other countries that provide it nuclear power resources may fail. India wants to use nuclear power for generating electricity and not to frighten its neighbors. A nuclear war with Pakistan will harm India at the international level as well and may put all its developmental programs on stake.

5. POK A Difficult Target:

India has not enough number of fighter tanks and it is also working on its Air Force. POK is Insurmountable for the Indian forces without and effective artillery and air cover.

Lack of Intelligence and Surveillance may result in inaccurate targeting which may cause death of common people. However, this implies to both the countries if Pakistan ever bothered for the loss of lives of the innocent people.

6. India Can Destroy Pakistan Without War

India has many diplomatic advantages which it can use to eradicate Pakistan from its roots. If India gets to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state and gets to persuade IMF and USA and UN to put bans on Pakistan, then Pakistan will no longer be able to fund its army and will have to face a deep financial crisis. A war might destroy Pakistan forever, but a diplomatic strategy may cause sufficient sufferings to an offender. Long live India’s agenda of Ahimsa Parmo Dharma “non-violence is the highest moral virtue”.

7. Economic Fallback

India and Pakistan both are developing countries and both have to cover a long journey to development. If India cares about itself, it should handle Pakistan not out of revenge or aggression but out of diplomacy.


8. Long term After Effects of War

Japan is the best example of the after effects of war. IF nuclear weapons used, both the sufferings will be for generations. The problem of today will remain as painful but in a different form. The flora, the fauna, and millions and billions of human lives will suffer for centuries. Even if a country named Pakistan will be eradicated forever, there will be people on the both the Indian and Pakistan land to suffer the painful after effects of war. This definitely calls for patience to play its role.

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